5 Tips on How To Successfully Pitch to Media

Last week, we had a client interview with a Forbes editor. It can be hard cutting through all the requests and getting noticed so that your brand gets a feature or interview, but today we have a few tips! Getting published can be easier than you think. All it takes is the right angle, concise branding, and a mutually beneficial relationship.

Research the journalist first

An editor or journalist can tell if you copy and pasted a media pitch. Mention a relevant article that they recently wrote and add a personalized message for them and why you are interested in working with them. Also, if you contact an editor or journalist, add them to a media list to make sure you don’t repeatedly email them accidentally.

Alway include PR kit

You need something that sums up your brand, mission, and who you are and why they’d want to work with you in a brief, esthetically pleasing package. A PR kit is perfect for that. See our tips for creating a PR kit.

Attract them from the start

Don’t just put “media request” in your email title. What is your unique angle? Put that in your title. It will stand out in their email inbox and make them curious to click and know more. Do you have a unique angle on an industry or does your company do something unique?

“____ Isn’t Working In The ____ Industry: Here’s Why:”
“This Gift Will Includes a Perk That Changes the Lives of Children:”

You get the picture. Make them interested, use your unique knowledge and services to stand out.

How can it benefit them?

Don’t take the tone of ‘how can you help me?’ As stated in the first bullet, research them a little and include why their audience might like to hear about you or your brand. “Because of this article, I thought you and your audience might like to hear about ____”.


Help a Reporter Out is a great resource for getting your name out there. It’s a newsletter service with requests from journalists. There’s a multitude of topics and sources, so there should be something for everyone and someone is bound to respond if you think carefully about your pitch, follow the rules, and pitch every week, if not every day.

Written by Catherine Williams, Founder of Terra Digital Media

Terra Digital Media creates personalized digital marketing packages for small businesses & organizations that are changing the world. Many small businesses and organizations don’t have the resources to hire full-time staff to help achieve their marketing goals & mission. This is where we come in! We create a personalized digital marketing package to help achieve your organization’s needs.

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