4 Public Relations Strategies Your Social Impact Brand Should Know

Is your public relations strategy helping you succeed? Working smarter, not harder, on your brand outreach can help grow your brand much quicker. Here are 4 public relations strategies that can help you improve your brand identity and reach more of your target audience.

  1. Perfect Your Brand’s Story & Image

Take time to sit down and write out what you want people to feel when they see your brand. What differentiates your brand from the rest? What is the story behind your brand? All of these questions need to be answered in your content as you work to build your brand and before you put your brand in the public eye.

Not only should your mission be clear and cohesive, but so should your branding. Make a brand mood board to follow for your instagram aesthetic, choose your fonts, choose your color palette, and have your storytelling content readily available.


    2. Collaborate with influencers

This is the direction that marketing is moving and you shouldn’t be late to the game. People can skip ads or even tune them out, but they will listen to the bloggers, celebrities, and other individuals they trust and follow. You can capitalize on this by building partnerships with influencers and using reviews, guest blog posts with backlinks to your website, or ongoing social media engagement to drive customers to your brand.


    3. Create content, don’t sell.

User-rich specific storytelling content just simply works better than pitches and promotions. Sponsored posts and native advertising are replacing traditional ads. People don’t like being sold to and consumers now follow brands they feel connected to. Creating content that emphasizes your brand differentiation and tells a story will motivate more consumers to engage with your brand. You can do this with video, creative social media campaigns, etc.


Feed Projects does a great job with this. As you can see, their mission is clear- it tells a story of why and what happens with your purchase, and there is no sales pitch. Their story piques curiosity with their story and pulls on your emotions. This is why it has become one of the biggest social enterprises in the country!

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    4. Offer an exclusive angle

So many other stories are competing for a place in syndicated or traditional press- so offer them something that stands out. Earning an editorial piece in a publication or slot on your local news station requires pitching an exclusive angle. What do you have to offer them that stands out? For example, your Atlanta-based clothing company is sustainably manufactured and creates employment for refugees. Offer them a press kit and an exclusive on a social good story that showcases the impact your company has had on refugees, perhaps of one in particular. You aren’t just wanting to spotlight your products, you’re wanting to help tell a story. Not only will this story encourage empathy, but it will also earn people’s trust in your brand.

Given the extremely high ROI of public relations, you really can’t afford not to invest in your PR strategy. The best part about it is that it doesn’t cost much to invest in it! At the end of the day, your brand is your story and telling that story properly is what will make your brand stand out.

Written by Catherine Williams, Founder of Terra Digital Media

Terra Digital Media creates personalized digital marketing packages for small businesses & organizations that are changing the world. Many small businesses and organizations don’t have the resources to hire full-time staff to help achieve their marketing goals & mission. This is where we come in! We create a personalized digital marketing package to help achieve your organization’s needs.

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