Social Impact Content Tips From a UN Social Media Strategist

As more people flock to brands taking an ethical or sustainable stand, the need to market these brands correctly becomes more important than ever. While we are exposed to hundreds of ads per day, the ability to stand out amongst the noise is essential. People don’t want to be sold to- they want to identify with a brand or feel they are a part of something bigger. Some consumers are devoted ethical or sustainable shoppers and some that aren’t as aware can easily be converted with a good story. Good content marketing can help your social enterprise change the world. Here are some social media strategies from my time at the United Nations that can apply to your social enterprise’s marketing strategy.


Credit: UNDP

Credit: UNDP

Humanize your brand

Content that included women or children usually achieved higher engagement, as well as photos or stills of people looking into the camera, making eye contact. To sum it up, people want to connect. If your brand is supporting artisans in Ecuador, include those artisans in your content images or create a storytelling video showing the artisan process. Feature information about their lives and what goes on behind the product as well. People don’t want to digest large amounts of information or facts, but they will respond to emotion.

Keep video under 30 seconds

In general, videos under 30 seconds performed the best. The successful video tells a story, but doesn’t get too heavy on jargon or facts. Display only the most important facts, while keeping the content creative and engaging. Ensure that the mobile version looks and performs just as well. Lastly, make sure your videos are SEO optimized or it has a much less likely chance of being seen.

Make an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is essential for an effective outreach strategy. Make sure your social media manager is planning ahead for relevant twitter chats, includes key trending hashtags, and optimizes relevant holidays, international days, or events to coincide with your content. Timing for content can be everything it takes to go viral. For instance, say your business or organization ensures education for girls in a developing country. In this case, plan to launch blog posts, visual content, and informative content during International Day of the Girl Child and reach out to relevant nonprofits or organizations to see if a partnership can be created during that day or weel.  Participate in a twitter chat or other events with these partnerships during those key days. On this day, you have a HUGE opportunity to market to people who are passionate about your mission!

Keep track of analytics

Good social media managers should be reporting monthly analytics and keeping track of what works. For example, which posts generated most engagement, more shares, etc. Keep track of these and notice if there is a trend to find out what your consumers are wanting. Once you find that trend in demand, keep generating or pushing out similar content.

ALWAYS include a link

This may be obvious to most, but this simple important step is often left out. By leaving out a link, you miss a big opportunity to create conversions to your website, which is the whole point of good content!

Want specifics on great storytelling in content? Check out Buffer’s Storytelling Formulas.

Written by Catherine Williams, Founder of Terra Digital Media

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