5 Sustainable + Fair Trade Valentines Gifts For Conscious Consumers

So, 2018 is the year where you aim to be a more conscious consumer and stick to sustainable and fair trade home and fashion purchases- but where do you go for Valentine’s Day? While shopping for yourself in such a niche area can be easy, shopping for others can be a bit more difficult, making you want to just head to Target and get a plastic wrapped chocolate box from Hershey's. Before you make that trip to Target, though, check out these 5 sustainable and fair trade valentines gift options that will not only be a unique gift for your love, but will also be a way to give back to others and support brands making a change in how we consume.

1) Long Sleeve Jersey Polo from HOPE Made in The World for the guy in your life who is wanting to have a more sustainable wardrobe and wear versatile, quality shirts that are out-of-this-world comfortable and will last a long time. They are a fantastic brand that is child labor-free, made of sustainable fabrics, and they work with indigenous artisans to ensure they have fair working conditions. They also have a rare 40% off sale going on on certain winter goods with the code WINTER.

2) The Galentine's Candle from The Little Market for the Ann to your Leslie (aka BFF). This hand-poured candle has a meaningful fair trade message behind it. Each sale supports female refugees at Prosperity Candle in the United States, so you can feel good about your purchase going towards other strong gals.

 3) Celeste Dress from Poème Clothing for your girlfriend who loves bohemian style and who’s also counting down the days until spring. The wrap style and endless ruffles give this dress a hopelessly romantic shape that feels good to wear. Poème is an ethical brand that uses sustainable fabrics and works with artisans in Bali to ensure they have fair working conditions. First time shoppers also get 15% off with the code FAIRTRADEFASHION.

4)  Lace-Waist Thong from PACT for those romantic Valentine’s nights. This affordable brand carries great basics and uses organic, non-GMO cotton that’s not only free of pesticides, but also uses 95% less water than conventional cotton, thus protecting the environment and cotton farmers. They adhere to a strict no-sweatshop and no-child-labor policy and work only with factories that provide good working conditions and livable wages for their employees. They are certified by the Organic Cotton Standard (OCS), Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and Fair Trade USA.

5) Guiding Star Necklace from Ten Thousand Villages for that chic piece of jewelry that is unique and handmade. This ethical and fair trade necklace is made by The Rajana Association, which is a nonprofit organization for income generation and skills training, producing fair trade products using traditional Cambodian skills with contemporary designs.

We hope this guide makes your Valentines shopping a little less hectic and gives you more sustainable and ethical perspectives on shopping for others. It’s important to understand that our purchases do indeed matter and our money has power behind it. Here’s to a year of conscious consumerism and we hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s.

catherine williams