Why You Need a PR Kit & What To Include

Is your social media presence and strategy of sending an email to influencers resulting in lackluster exposure? A PR kit is a staple for effective communication with reporters and influencers and something that any non-profit or small business should consider using in their outreach strategy. Why create a PR kit? Reporters and influencers don’t have a lot of time and won’t spend much time looking at your website or reading a long email. A PR kit is something they can quickly glance at and depending on the quality of your content, you can capture their attention for potential future exposure or partnerships. You can send them to influencers to make partnerships, pitch to reporters, or send out in advance of an upcoming brand event. You can either create one on your own in a platform such as Canva or hire a graphic designer to do so. Here’s what to include in your brand’s PR kit:


Mission statement - This is a formal summary of the aims and values of your brand. You should have already created this with SEO in mind and it should be an elevator pitch and clear summary of what your brand does and represents.

Quick Facts - Include any facts about your CEO, locations, details about your work or product here. Make it direct and to the point and make sure you include what makes your organization or brand stand out.


Photos - Put your best face forward. Include your top content and make sure the photos you include show your product, the work your org does, etc. Whatever your brand represents, make sure it is clearly represented in your photos.


Social media - Include all links to social media and wherever your brand has a platform. You can even include a snap of your instagram feed, if it is cohesive and aesthetically pleasing enought to capture their attention.

Reviews and 3rd party endorsements - Include any and all media exposure, events, or influencer partnerships where your brand has already been featured. This establishes legitimacy and a sense of trust that you have successfully worked with others previously. Influencers are more likely to work with you and reporters will be more interested.

Happy pitching!


Written by Catherine Williams, Founder of Terra Digital Media

Terra Digital Media creates personalized digital marketing packages for small businesses & organizations that are changing the world. Many small businesses and organizations don’t have the resources to hire full-time staff to help achieve their marketing goals & mission. This is where we come in! We create a personalized digital marketing package to help achieve your organization’s needs.

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