Why Conversion Rate Optimization Is What Your Business Needs

Have you hired a social media manager to improve your content but you’re still not seeing website conversions or keeping the audience that does convert to your webpage? Conversion rate optimization is a process of seeing the ease of journey and engagement on your website and optimizing your website to achieve the goal you want. Do you want more downloads? Do you want more traffic on a certain page? Do you want more sales? Conversion rate optimization takes a look at the journey of the users on your page and identifies obstacles or improvements that could be made in order to achieve the goal you want.

Simon Sinek has discussed the most important question behind marketing which is applied to this process. Why do you do what you do? How do you do what you do? Finally, what do you do? You need to be able to answer these questions on your website without people having to ask. Optimizing your website creates faster leads, sales, and creates trust with your audience.

SEO gets more traffic to your webpage, but CRO helps them once they are on your page to achieve the goal that you have set out for them (making a purchase, filling out a lead form, etc.). With only a few subtle changes, you can improve your KPIs, improve your goals, and create an easier process for your audience.

We are now happy to offer CRO to our clients and are offering 20% off packages for those who sign up until the end of February!

Our CRO package includes:
-Complete Audit, Hotjar Monitoring & Detailed Hypothesis List

-Recommended Wireframe Example

-Report of Key Findings & Conference Call

Full Report = $400-600 depending on website size

Written by Catherine Williams, Founder of Terra Digital Media

Terra Digital Media creates personalized digital marketing packages for small businesses & organizations that are changing the world. Many small businesses and organizations don’t have the resources to hire full-time staff to help achieve their marketing goals & mission. This is where we come in! We create a personalized digital marketing package to help achieve your organization’s needs.

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